Velicky and Constantine Win at SDR

Posted: June 3, 2013 in motorcycle racing
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This past Saturday-night was the third race of the season at Square Deal Raceway in Harpursville, NY. SDR’s 1/4 mile track always allows close racing and draws in the best from all over the east coast, this week was no different.

This week the fans had two bonus races to enjoy. The second annual Scooters for Hooters Benefit race, and the Viagra National. The Scooters for Hooters event raises money for Traci’s Hope organization to fight cancer. Over 35 guys and gals put on wigs and skirts to race their 150cc or smaller bikes for two features in front of a packed house. They were able to raise over $2000 again this year for a wonderful cause.


During intermission SDR ran the Viagra Nation exhibition race. This race was put on by Fran Brown and his 78 year old father Mel Brown, who still races his Triumphs and wins on them from time to time. Riders over 40 yrs. old make up the field for this race on classic Flat track bikes. Shawn Clark ( pictured below) wiped the dust off his leathers to pilot a 1980’s 250 Kawasaki for this yearly event.


At the start of the Vigra National Mel brown started on the line and the rest of the field started behind him in turn four. As the green light came on Mel jumped out to the lead hoping to hold off the other veterans behind him. Mel’s son Fran chased his father down to make a good race to the checker flag. It was nice to see father and son compete against each other.


Now it was time for the Open Expert main to start the regular show for the night. Multiple winners filled the starting grid for the always exciting feature. The roar of the monster motor open bikes filled the air as they went into turn one. No.12 Justin Velicky grabbed the hole shot with no.59 Jake Constantine close behind. Each rider was trying to run as smooth as they could not making any mistakes. Justin was fast out front for the first half of the race. Jake chipped away at Velicky’s lead catching him with a couple laps to go. Justin was on the bottom giving Constantine the top to try and get around him. Jake went the the bottom in turn two and then the the high side in three and four, making a hard run, but Velicky held off the charge to grab the win on his rotax.


In the 450 Expert Main Event, Jake Costantine grabbed the hole shot and never looked back.Velicky tried to reel in Jake but the Honda was just to strong and Justin had to settle for second. Craig Estelle had a good night finishing third in both mains.

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