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Two weeks ago the “Salt City” Syracuse, NY held its ever popular Syracuse Nationals again at the New York State Fairgrounds. This years event was sponsored by PPG who had a few years off, but became the leasing sponsor for this years event. Saves Auto Body Supplies represented PPG from the Syracuse area setting up shop next to the center of progress building.

My two sons joined me on Friday at the a nationals for a great day of admiring wonderful cars and trucks. These people that own these vehicles take great pride in their creations and it shows with the turn out this year. Friday was one of the hottest days of the summer reaching almost 98 degrees. I thought that it was very nice if the venders not to charge a arm and a leg for a bottle of water. Most of them where Asking $1.00 -$1.50 a bottle.

It seemed like almost every inch of the fairgrounds had a beautiful car or truck sitting pretty with tons of people walking around them. RU faster than a Redneck had a small road course set up in the parking lot. Participants could take their vehicle over to the track and try their hand at a little road racing. Each driver would make a timed lap and try to put them selves atop of the leader board.

Every year this show seems to get bigger. I’m not sure about the numbers but it just seems like a really good show that people drive from all over to partake in.

Friday morning our UPS driver dropped off my new camera the a fugi XE-1. I removed the battery and charger from the box and plugged it in to charge when we where at the show. This was a tough thing for me to do because I have been researching thus camera for weeks and now it was in my hands and I couldn’t use it. So I took my much loved Canon G15 for the day and shot a lot of great shots.

Saturday my son Cruz and I set off for another day of dreaming and wishing at the Nationals. The weather was much cooler than Friday, but with a chance of rain. I had my brand new XE-1 in hand looking forward to shooting with it all day. After a little while I had figured out the menu system and put the. XE-1 in aperture priority mode and started shooting.

I tried the different film modes, as well as all manual mode. This camera felt great in my hands and definitely easier on my back and shoulders. I normally shoot either a Canon 50D or my 7D. I love these cameras but I am tired if carrying them around at events like this. So I am hoping this Fugi will live up to all of the hype, and I can leave my DSLR’S home for some of my jobs.



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The Reunion

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Photography
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Last Sunday I traveled to Popular Ridge, NY to shoot a family reunion. I was hired to shoot for about four hours taking some candid shots as well as some group shots of the family

This was my first paid shoot with out two DSLR’S in my camera bag. I sold my Canon 50d two weeks ago and bought a Fugi X-E1 with the 18-55mm lens. I brought both my 7D and X-E1 with me to the Reunion. When I arrived it was raining pretty hard outside, so I was thinking it was going to be a indoor shoot. I was fine with that because the fugi is great at high ISO’s. Soon after I arrived the sun started to peak out of the clouds and it became a beautiful sunny day. We moved everything out side and began the festivities.

My friends house is a old house with multiple barns and corn fields surrounding his property. I spent the first two hours shooting candids of the family as they rolled in and captured the moments of them greeting each other. I had the Fugi I’m my hand grabbing some nice shots in Apeture Priority mode. For the money shots I would grab my 7D to make sure I had the images that they would want.

As the day was winding down and we captured all of the group shots I got to walk around his property and snap some shots of things that I love to shoot. Like old cars, trucks, barns and anything cool looking.


The image above is a shot if a old truck that was out behind the barn. It was a 51 Ford. This truck was a plumbers truck with a homemade service body on the back.


My Fugi worked great for all of the shots, I still doubled shots with my Canon 7D just incase, but the X-E1 work really good. On my drive back home I turned down the wrong road. As I was finding my way back to Rt 34b I found a few nice shots of some local buildings and farms that I will add to my collection.


So my second gig with the Fugi went well and I love the camera more each time I use it. This weekend I am heading to Maple Grove raceway to shoot some vintage Drag racing at the Geezer Reunion. Come on back next week to see how the Fugi held-up to the tire smoking, nitro burning funny cars in PA.


Last week I received my new Fugi X-E1 and sold my Canon 50D. I still have my Canon 7D as my main camera. I shoot a lot of local sports, from High school football, lacrosse as well as Flat track motorcycle racing and MX. My DSLR’S and 70-200 f2.8 lens have been my bread and butter for these kinds of shoots.

As you all know a DSLR gets pretty heavy by the end of a day of sports shooting. So I thought I would get a Smaller camera for my every day shooting instead of hauling a big heavy camera around. Last night I was shooting the NYS Championship races at Square Deal Riders near Binghamton, NY. During the practice session I pulled out my X-E1 to see how it would perform with some fast action shooting.


At first I was way behind on the focusing, but soon figured out how to get focus as they came flying by. I was shooting at shutter priority mode so I could blur the back ground as I panned the riders. I was using the 18-55mm lens that came with the body. I wish I would have had a longer lens, but this was a test on how the camera would perform.


The more I shot and changed the settings the images started to improve. This was only the third time I had shot with this camera. The new firmware that Fugi just released helped a lot with the focusing. I was using the view finder as I would with my DSLR’S . I think next time I might use live view to see if I can get focus faster.


All and all I got some images that where not bad for this camera. They definitely where not the same as what I shot with my 7D but still not bad. I plan on shooting more at the next race with my Fugi.

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