X-E1 Action Shots

Posted: July 28, 2013 in motorcycle racing, Photography
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Last week I received my new Fugi X-E1 and sold my Canon 50D. I still have my Canon 7D as my main camera. I shoot a lot of local sports, from High school football, lacrosse as well as Flat track motorcycle racing and MX. My DSLR’S and 70-200 f2.8 lens have been my bread and butter for these kinds of shoots.

As you all know a DSLR gets pretty heavy by the end of a day of sports shooting. So I thought I would get a Smaller camera for my every day shooting instead of hauling a big heavy camera around. Last night I was shooting the NYS Championship races at Square Deal Riders near Binghamton, NY. During the practice session I pulled out my X-E1 to see how it would perform with some fast action shooting.


At first I was way behind on the focusing, but soon figured out how to get focus as they came flying by. I was shooting at shutter priority mode so I could blur the back ground as I panned the riders. I was using the 18-55mm lens that came with the body. I wish I would have had a longer lens, but this was a test on how the camera would perform.


The more I shot and changed the settings the images started to improve. This was only the third time I had shot with this camera. The new firmware that Fugi just released helped a lot with the focusing. I was using the view finder as I would with my DSLR’S . I think next time I might use live view to see if I can get focus faster.


All and all I got some images that where not bad for this camera. They definitely where not the same as what I shot with my 7D but still not bad. I plan on shooting more at the next race with my Fugi.

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