1st Day at the Grove

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Drag Racing, Photography
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Well day one at the Geezers reunion is in the books. Fridays racing was exciting and fast for the first day of qualifying. The Nitro Funny Cars from the past made two qualifying runs to set the field for Saturday nights eliminations.

This image is of the famous Blue Max Funny Car. This is the body that they keep off the car as they work on them through out the day.

The hards guys Mustang was one of the very good looking cars in the nitro field. This car was candy red over gold with painted lace, looking just like they did back in the 70’s.

There where a couple mishaps during qualifying in the first round. The Blue Max car hit the outside wall at 1/2 track, but didn’t do much damage to the car. He was able to make it back out for the second round. The other miss fortune involved the Candies and Huges “Cajun Cuda”. As the crew members fired up the engine the car lurched forward and ran one of the crew members over. They put the crew member into the ambulance and checked him over before releasing him. Later he was working on the car a little bruised but pretty lucky considering what could of happened.


This 57 Chevy was local car that runs the Grove every week. The driver of this car was a older gentleman that had a big smile on his face the whole night, I guess I would to if this was my car.

Saturday the show starts at 9:30am we plan on being there around 8:30 to catch all of the action.
These picture where shot with my IPhone because my wifi card wasn’t working very well. I will try again Saturday to post shots from my X-E1.

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