Under The Helmet

Posted: February 24, 2014 in motorcycle racing, Photography
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This past weekend I did my first interview for Under The Helmet. Flat Track Rider Toby Stay was nice enough to be my first victim.

I sent Toby a message asking him if he would like to do a interview for my blog, he accepted, so I jotted down some questions and sent them out to him.

If you read Toby’s interview you noticed that he said that he had won a race in Springfield on the mile, and he was disappointed when he didn’t get his National number a few years back.

This made me step back and say wow there is a lot more that I would like to ask Mr. Stay about those important moments in his young career. As a fellow racer I can understand his disappointment and his excitement that he felt at those races.

The point of doing this blog is to get into the heart of a racer and see what it is like to put on a helmet and risk your life every time you pull out of the pits.

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