Under The Helmet With Jake Constantine

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Photography
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Name: Jake Constantine
Home town:Selkirk NY
Occupation:Motorcycle Racer / Owner of Allphase Masonry & Chimney

When did you start your racing career and where?
​When I was about 15 i raced a little motocross and when I turned 16 i was able to drive myself to the tracks and compete. As far as dirt track racing Jeff Radley took me to Electric City Riders where I competed on the tt course with a motocross bike. My first short track race was at Square Deal Riders and i have been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite surface to race on and track?
​I would have to say pea gravel is my favorite where you can steer the bike with the throttle. Square Deal Riders and Lima

Who did you, or even still do look up to in your sport and why?
​Kenny Coolbeth has always been someone I look up to. Coming up through the ranks from amateur, pro and now expert I have always watched him. The way he represents himself on and off the track. He will talk to anyone and give fan a chance to meet and talk to him. He was always someone I watched and studied how they rode a motorcycle and carried himself. He is one of few that have made motorcycle racing a successful career. Now being able to bang bars together racing and riding for fun is a blast.

What is your most memorable moment so far in flat track racing?
​There’s 2 things that are most memorial to me, one would be winning Daytona Short Track in 2013 and then moving up to expert twins class and receiving my national # 13 in the same year at the mega mile in Virginia.

During your racing career what has been your biggest disappointment. Is there a race that got away from you or a championship that you have always wanted to get but just haven’t been able to reach?
​Biggest disappointment to me is when I have been hurt I have had a few nasty crashes that have banged me up pretty bad with long recoveries but its always great to get back on the saddle. I take each race as its own I have always pushed myself very hard and strive to win so disappointments to me on the track is actually anything less then that.

Who have you enjoyed racing against? and what rider do you wish you could have raced with that isn’t racing any more?
​Ive always enjoyed racing with Kenny Coolbeth, I wished I could have raced with Chris Carr but he retired before I turned Pro.

What are your goals for the 2014 season?
​Winning races

Whats the one thing on your bike that will give you the biggest change to the way your bike handles?
​Myself and the change of riding styles for different tracks

What is one piece of advice you would give a young or new rider as they enter this great sport?
​Work hard at what you love to do and always carry yourself as a professional on and off the track people are always watching, always push yourself.

As far a SDR why do you think they always get the national numbers to show up and race the big races?
​Mike Williams and the whole SDR crew do an awesome job the track is perfect everytime. Its a saturday night race that is pretty centrally located for people to come the level of competition is always the best with sometime as many as 40 pros and the spectators love it. The competition, track, crew and payouts at big races bring people in.

Please mention your sponsors or people that have helped you throughout your racing season.
​My sponsors are: Allphase Masonry & Chimney, Ed Hanes, Matts Cycle Center, Esj Graphics, Web Camshafts, R&D Springs, CP, Chicken Hawk, MSR, Pro Cycles, MRT, K&N, CV4, Jeff Radley, Redline Sales & Service, Silkolene, Saddlemen, Jemco, West Coast Hot Shoe, Powdertech, Jay Skidmore, Jay Maloney, Traction Garage,

Where can people follow your on social media, or a website that they can follow you though out your season?
​Facebook: Jake Constantine

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