Under The Helmet With Justin Jones

Posted: March 15, 2014 in motorcycle racing, Photography
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Justin was kind enough to do this interview with me fresh off of a second and third place finish in Pro- Singles at Daytona Flat Track during Bike Week 2014.

Name: Justin M Jones
Age: 17
Home town: Holley New York

When did you start racing career and where? Started racing at the age of four at the Crusaders Motorcycle Club in Medina, New York

What is your favorite surface to race on and track? My Favorite surface is cushion tracks, fav track Canton, Ohio

Who did you, or even still do look up to in your sport and why? As I grew up I always looked up to Kenny Coolbeth and still do he’s a great racer and even better person when you meet him in person.

What was the biggest difference in racing when you became a pro? Biggest difference when I turned pro for me was mainly just the new tracks. I raced with most the pro riders before at outlaw tracks.

During your racing career what has been your biggest disappointment. Is there a race that got away from you or a championship that you have always wanted to get but just haven’t been able to reach? You know as a racer there’s always a championship that you don’t quite get and goals we wanna reach and I have numerous times growing up missed a couple championships like the Amateur Nationals on my 85. I was winning the half mile when my bike quite… At amateur nationals in 2012 I was leading the open singles on the tt and my brakes gave up, But never have I been completely disappointed things happen in racing and I have a great time doing it.

Can you explain to the fans the feeling you get when you are racing handlebar to handlebar for 20 laps on the edge? It must be a rush. Yea there is absolutely no feeling like racing handle bar to handle bar with someone especially in the pro class. Everyone is so close, the rush is though the roof and that’s why I do this the feeling of riding hard handle bar to handle bar with a smile on my face.

Who have you enjoyed racing against? and what rider do you wish you could have raced with that isn’t racing any more? I enjoy racing pretty much everyone if they race well then great, but probably Kenny Coolbeth at SDR was my favorite. I would loved to have gotten to race against Cris Carr he was such an idol to me as well.

What are your goals for the 2014 season? Well my goals for 2014 are try getting as much points as I can before the series heads out west and hope I can fined a ride there to race the west coast races I would like to race the whole serious I feel I can be a points contender for sure.

What is one piece of advice you would give a young or new rider as they enter this great sport? One great peace of advise is do it for the fun not the fam or glory.

Nice run opening night at Daytona. After your heat win did you make any changes to your bike for the main? And you started on the outside, did you choose that spot because you would be in the groove or for another reason? Yea the outside looked great hard packed and it was an ok starting spot I made no changes after the heat and just went with it and it worked great

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in your racing career? My biggest accomplishment would defiantly be my 3rd at my second ever pro race at the Peoria Tt

Please mention your sponsors or people that have helped you throughout your racing season. People I can’t thank enough are
RLJ racing
Wild rides
Hollink motorsports
Elder trucking
Own graphics
Fasdass plates
Comet leathers
Yea pretty much everyone thank you

Where can people follow your on social media, or a website that they can follow you though out your season? I can be followed here at Facebook or on Instagram Honda19b

John Zachary Photography

I’ll see you at the races!






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