NHRA Showdown at Sundown

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Drag Racing
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As all of us celebrated our veterans this Memorial Day weekend, the NHRA Lucas Oil Series made its next stop at the ultra fast Maple Grove Raceway in Reading PA. The fasted racers from the north east started filling the pits on Thursday for the long weekend NHRA racing.


We left early Saturday morning for the Showdown at Sundown on Saturday and stayed for the races on Sunday as well.

Saturday started eliminations for most of the classes including the alcohol funny cars and dragsters. These two classes ran at 5:00-7:00, and the finals at 9:00. Fans could get into the races for a great price of $25 a car load. It looked like a lot if people took advantage of this price because the stands where full until after the fireworks had finished at around 9:30pm.


Over 520 entries filled the beautiful pits at the Grove. Every where you looked had a big trailer and a beautiful car or truck sitting next to it.


The Super Stock class has something like 100 entries alone. Jim Harris a racer from my area in Central NY had a good weekend making it to the last 12 before breaking out in his NHRA National Record holding 1966 Nova pictured below.


I just can not believe the amount of money that is spent in this sport as a whole. From the haulers to the race cars it is crazy how much equipment these guys have. Heck the golf carts are all decked out as well.



It was great to see how the big three Chevy, Ford, And Mopar have got back into the sportsman classes with their COPO camaros, Cobra Jet Mustangs, and the Drag Pak Challengers. Those car are awesome, but expensive. There again it takes a ton of $$$$$ to go out and buy one of the those cars to go bracket racing. As a fan I love them I hope it helps the sport in the future.


Sunday was a great day for racing with nice weather and great racing in all classes. We stayed for most of the show before we made our 4 hour tip back home.



We had a wonderful time and watched a ton of great racing. I plan on returning to Sky View Raceway again next weekend for some local 1/8 mile racing.



Check out all of my images from Maple Grove at John Zachary photography


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See you at the track

  1. Tammy says:

    Great Read John! The pictures are awesome !

  2. Janelle O'Gorman says:

    A good time and a great blog!! Awsome job keep them coming!👍👍

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