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Posted: May 31, 2015 in Photography, Racing
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Last night was as my first dirt Modified race of the 2015 season. So far this season I have gone to a couple Flat Track Motorcycle races,, and some straight line Drag racing At Empire raceway, Skyview Drags, and ESTA Safety Park. Dirt Modified racing is what I was brought up on as a kid, going to Rolling Wheels, every Friday night and Weedsport Speedway every Sunday night with my grandfather and Dad. 

My first Super Dirt Werk was 1973, so I have seen all of the greats turning laps all over again the east coast. My son Vanze and I bought pit passes so we could get some behind the scene coverage of the nights action. Boy times have changed with the stacker trailers parked on concrete slabs in the big block pit area. Vanze and I did the normal routine of going into the stands to tape down a blanket before we made our way into the pits. 

General admission was only $12 for adults,18 under free. This is a great price for a full night of dirt track racing. Brewerton Speedway runs Big Block Mods, Sportsman Mods, Mod Lights, and a four cylinder class as their regular Friday night show. The “D” shaped Demond is a nice fast bull ring. Top names in the sport like, Matt Shepard, Billy Decker, Pat Ward, 2000 track champion Chuck Bower are just a few of the teams that battle every week just north of Syacuse, NY. 


As we walked through the pits we ran into a lot of people tha we knew from all of our years of racing. It was  like a small reuinion,😀pretty cool. Almost 30 big blocks and close to 20 Sportmans were on hand for the nights racing. We went and stood in turn one for hot laps, trying to get some good shots of the cars while the track was heavy. This always makes for cool images of Modifieds. I plan on getting credentials for these events so I can get down into the infield for some awesome action shots.  Early on the cushion was big and heavy. As soon as a driver hit the right rear on the Burm their car would develope a push and bog the engine a bit. After practice was over the track crew went out and knocked the cushion down for the heat races. While the crews were scraping the sticky clay off their race cars.


While there was a break in the action we went and got our selves something to eat. We both thought the food was good priced so a family could enjoy some grub at the track. Concessions are very important to a race track from the service, price, and quality of the food. Hats off to the people that provide all of this to us the Fans. Next up were the qualifying heat races. These races set up the main events for each class later on in the show. I believe they run a handicap system, which means if you won last week you will be starting in the back this week. As a fan I love this, but as a racer I never liked it, we all know with out the fans in the stands then the racers wouldn’t be racing. 


“Superman” Matt Shepard, Billy Decker started in the rear of their heat races. Decker had mechanical issues , and Sheppard could not get his HBR Troyer car through the pack, and finished just outside of a qualifying spot. Decker’s crew had to unload their spare car after breaking in the heat race. I’m not sure what broke but it must if been easier to run the backup car instead of fixing the primary ride. 

After the heat races were complete, they worked the track again and gave the teams a chance to get ready for their main events. Sometimes promoters take too long before the mains, and drag out the show trying to sell more Hotdogs. Lol it’s true, but Brewerton did it just right.  First feature of the night was the very popular Sportman class. They ran 25 laps, everywhere you looked there was side by side racing going on. A friend of ours Dylan Zacharias mad the show in his family owned Bucknell Chassis. Dylan started towards the front, and held his own for a bit, but fell back by the end if the 25 laps. He and his father are new to this class, but they are racers and will be up front soon enough looking for a win. Nick Krause edged out Brent Joy for his first Sportsman win on th “D” Shaped Demond. 

Next up were the Big block Modifieds, a 35 lap dirt slinging battle. The heavy hitters were spread though out the field Larry Wight starting toward the front and Decker, Sheppard in the back of the pack. As the Green flag dropped from Starter Dave Farney the place erupted with the awesome sound of 30 big block modifieds coming out of turn four. For the first ten laps the Big block warriors man handled their machines trying to get edge over the car next to them. 

By the seventh lap Larry Wight worked his way to the top spo in his red # 99l never looking back. Tim Kerr, Chris Mackey, Vinnie Vitale, and jim Wilko Jr battled for a top five finish for remainder of the race. Vinnie Vitale came from mid pack to finish fourth in his well known #56 machine. 



Great show well run, and just a fun night with my son covering a local Dirt Track. We were in our car heading home at 9:25, and home by 10:10. That’s the way it should be.  I would say if your looking for something to do next Friday night head out to Brewerton Speedway for some short track Mod Racing. Brewerton speedway

Check out more images from Brewerton on my website at John Zachary Photography

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