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July 23rd was the second race of the season at the fast track in Elbridge, NY. Rolling Wheels was the site for the Armed Forces Appreciation Night. A 50 lap $5,000 to win Big block modified feature, along with a 25 lap Patriot Sprint car feature, and a 20 lap GRIT Sportsman main event. 

Just around 100 race cars filled the pits on a wonderful Thursday night at the Wheels. The weather was totally different from the first race a few weeks earlier. It was sunny and temps in the 80’s. The track surface was almost perfect for the competitors as well as the fans. 

The Big-Blocks had 4 heat races with top dogs like Wight, R Phelps, Hearn, and P Ward taking the victories in their respected races. In each heat race the top five moved in into the 50 lap feature, and the top three had to redraw for their starting spots in the main. 

First up for the main events was the Tugedge 20 Sportsman race. Rocky Warner, and #27 Jeremy Pitts stared on the front row. These sportsman cars put on a great show on the 5/8ths mile track. Everywhere you looked there was a battle going on. Both the high side and the bottom seemed to work for the drivers. There was not much of a cushion to lean on, but the new Syndi surface produced plenty of traction. Jeremy Pitts beat Dave Marcuccilli and Rocky Warner to stand a top of the podium. 

Next up on the schedule was the Patriot Sprint cars. The field was also filled with some ESS fast guys as well. There is nothing like sprints cars at Rolling Wheels. I have seen a ton of winged sprint cars on the” fast track” over the years. They always put on a great show. The Patriot league was no different, they rocked the place. Big-Block star Stewart Friesen started out side of #75 Tommy Wickam. Friesen is piloting his wife’s car (Jessica Zemken) as the two are waiting for the arrival of their first child. Lucky for Zemken she married a guy that can wheel anything to victory lane. 

At the drop of the green Stewart moved out to the lead and never looked back. He pulled out to a comfortable lead over eventual second place finisher Bryan Howland, and third place finisher Justin Barger. Stillwagon, and Steve Poiror rounded out the top five. Even though Friesen checked out on the field there was a lot of racing going on behind him for 25 laps. I really enjoyed the sprint car main it was full of excitement. 

Next up was the Page Trucking 50 lap feature for the Big- Block Modifieds. Larry Wight picked the number one starting spot with #3 Ryan Phelps along side of him on the front row. Brett Hearn started third and Pat Ward filled out the front two rows. Heavy hitters like Friesen, Decker, Sheppard, and Jimmy Phelps where spread out In the starting line up. Tire management could play a part in the 50 lapper before the finish. After two previous features, the track surface looked great. It had widened out a bit, but still looked like it was going to be fast. 

As the fans stood up to cheer on their favorite driver, the cars moved into position for the start of the $5,000 to win main event. Out of turn four the engines came to life with a big roar and a cloud of dust. #99 Larry Wight lead the field into turn one with 29 cars close behind him. The top ten cars moved inside and out trying to make a move on the guy in front of them. Wight ran out front, trying to build a good lead on who ever was coming up through the field. That guy was Brett ” The Jet” Hearn. Hearn had his Madison Overhead door TEO on kill mode, trying to get up to Larry Wight. Wight was running the bottom and middle of the track. Brett made his way up to the leaders rear bumper, and was looking for away around the #99 car. Hearn tried underneath  a few times but Wight wasn’t having any of that. So Brett went to the top side to see if there was any bite up there. Guess what, he found some, and wrestled the lead away from Wight in turns one and two. 

As soon as Hearn took over the lad he put his head down and pulled out a decent lead on Larry. Sprint car feature winner Stewart Friesen battled his way up to third from the 13th starting spot. Billy Decker was close behind in third. Jimmy Phelps and #42p Pat Ward diced back and fourth for a top five finish. 

There where a few cautions that flew for some incidents in the 50 lap race, but it was a good fast race. Hearn was excited in victory lane, showing that he is going to be tough to beat for the rest of the year in the Big-Block division. As they say the cream rises to the top. Brett Hearn is defiantly part of the cream. 

Once again Promoter Glenn Donnelly “Rang The Bell” with another successful event at the “Fast Track”. MAVTV was on hand again for Rush Hour on Dirt. Check you local listing to see when this event will Air on MAVTV. 

Thursday September, 3rd will be the next event at the Wheels. The Late Summer Championship. 100 laps for the Big- Blocks and a 20 lap feature for the Sportsman class. 

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