Phelps Wins Under The Lights 

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Photography

After a full day of racing on the Moody Mile, Jimmy Phelps drove his Retro looking Troyer “Mud Buss” into victory lane for the Salute The Troops 150. 

Pole sitter Billy Dunn lead the field to green flag  with Brett Hearn on the outside him for the start of the Salute The Troops 150. Tremont, and Decker followed close behind. Dunn paced the field in his No. Speed shop 358 for most of the first half of the 152 lap feature. 

Hearn didn’t let Dunn get to far ahead of him for most of the race. After the leaders made their pit stops Jimmy phelps was ahead Dunn, Hearn, Tremont. Tim Mccreadie used his pit stop to put him up front for the second half of the race. McCreadie started in the rear after blowing a tire in his qualifier. Hearn worked his way back to the third spot after working through tough traffic. 

Phelps was out front trying to conserve fuel and tires. In between turns one and two, a huge hole devolped in the groove. Drivers had to run through it because it was loose above the crater. If they ventured outside the groove the guy behind them might sneak by on the bottom. 

With 40 laps left in the days main event, the sun starred to go down behind the grandstands. This year there was no Mussco lighting to light up the track like in years past. The drivers had to work their way around the “Moody Mile” with the old style lights at the fairgrounds. 

Not only was it getting dark but the top four cars were running pretty close. The caution flag flew a few times bunching the field back up. Jimmy Phleps was holding on to his small lead over McCreadie. The final caution fell will a couple to go after the #17 car slowed with a left front flat. 

This set up a shootout for the finish on the mile. On the last lap Phelps held his ground, but Dunn went to the slippery outside to make a bonzai move on “T Mac” to move into the second spot. Phelps had a big enough lead on Dunn to score the victory in the last ever 358 race on the Mile. 

Dunn, McCreadie, Hearn, Matc Johnson rounded out the top five. 

Saturday was a great day of racing on the mile. The place was packed all day. Up next is the 200 in Sunday. 

Take care, John 

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