Dewease Brings Home The Win For The Possie

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Racing, Uncategorized
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  Lance Dewease continued his hot streak last night with a big win at Williams Grove, against the always tough World Of Outlaws. Lance behind the wheel of the wheel of the legendary “Baby Blue” 69k. Donny Kreits Racing hired Deweese this year to lead his teams efforts on the PA sprint car scene. 

Saldana,Deweese, Hodnett, and Pittman all won their heat races putting them into the Dash. Another Pa Possie driver Greg Hodnett won the dash ahead of Saldana, and Deweese. Former two time Outlaw Champion Sammy Swindell made the trip the Pennsylvania to take on the Possie in his black no. 1. Swindell put himself into the 25 lap main by finishing second behind Outlaw Driver Brad Sweet in the B- Main.

 Deweese started the A main from out side of row three. Lance had some heavy hitters ahead of him. Like Lincoln Speedway winner Donny Schatz, and always tough Joey Saldana. Six laps into the main Deweese put the 69K in the lead ahead of Hodnett, never to look back. Pittman, and Schatz battled behind the two Pa regulars for the 3rd and 4th spot. With 10 to go Schatz made the pass on Pittman for third place. 

Deweese pulled out to over a 2 second lead at one point in the race. Hodnett tried to reel him in, but came up short when the checkeres flag flew. 

1. Deweese 2- Hodnett-Schatz-Pittman-Dietrich-Saldana-Esh-Stewart-Smith-Shutts.

I will see you at Weedsport.

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