Wight Opens Up Brewerton In Victory Lane

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Photography, Racing, Uncategorized
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Last night the Brewerton Speedway opened up their 2016 Race season. The weather was finally nice for a great night of racing in Brewerton.

Larry Wight started from the front row for the 35 lap Modified Feature. Matt Sheppard, Jimmy Phelps, Hulsizer, Hile, and Larry’teammate Pat Ward were some of the heavy hitters that helped fill out the field. Wight, and Chuck Bower lead the field for then first 15 laps. Chad Phelps, Ryan Bartlett, and Tom Sears rounded out the top five. On lap 20 the caution flag flew, righting up the field one else again. Bower still in the second spot was looking for a way around wight, but Larry”s Gypsum Express was to strong out front.

Soon after the restart another yellow was displayed. After the restart Wight pulled out a nice lead on the new second place car of Chad Phelps. Bower dropped back in the field allowing g cars by him finally settling in to 9th spot. Ryan Phelps muscled his #99 ride into the third spot. 

With two to go Matt Sheppard almost worked his way into to the top five, but came up a tad short finishing 6th. This was a good start for the Gypsum team on their quest for a point title at Brewerton. 

1. Wight-2. R Phelps- 3. C Phelps- Tom Sears-Tim Sears-Sheppard-Bartlett- Hilke- Bower-Ward

See You At The Track

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