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With Father’s Day on Sunday and a chance of rain, my boys and I decided to go to Skyview drags on Saturday. The track is near Owego, NY south of our home in Cortland, NY.

We arrived at the track early afternoon to catch most of qualifying, and see some of the cars in the small car show that was taking place on the grounds as well. The pits where full of drag cars ,and trucks from all over the east coast. One fellow we where talking to said he traveled 5 hrs. to race there and loved the track at Skyview.


A group of racers called Pro Stick had invaded the 1/8th mile track for one of their point races as well as the regular participants from snowmobiles and bikes, to street cars and the always fast n loud Pro divisions. The sun was out and the temps where in the 70’s making it a wonderful day for the racers and spectators. We walked through the pits to check out the beautiful cars that where getting ready to hit the strip. The white corvette above was one that caught my eye with its wild paint and nice stance.


I didn’t bring my DSLR cameras with me just my Canon G15. I would of been nice to have my 70-200 2.8 lens but the G15 did just fine, and made me be more creative with how I shot. This camera is a great little camera and shoots raw which helps in post. Soon I plan on using my IPad with it and send images from my camera directly to my IPad.


Not only are there drag races up on the hill at Skyview they also have a concrete oval track next door to the strip. We watched a few heat races on the oval Shangra la 2, it was nice to see some asphalt modified racing. It looked to me that the car count was low in most of the oval classes, but the stands looked pretty full for the races at Shangrla 2.

We had a really good time watching the side by side racing all day and into the night. My sons and I recommend taking a trip to your local drag strip and support your local racers you won’t be disappointed.


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