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Here is a interview with a young man
that is fun to watch and fast at the same time.

Name: Brandon Michael Price
Age: 14
Home town: White Hall, MD
Occupation: Student and Amateur Dirt Track Rider

Hello Brandon welcome to under the helmet. Thank you for

How did you get started in racing, and how old were you when you started?

I was 6 and my dad took me to watch the Timonium indoor races. I watched everybody race and some kids I know, too. I told my dad I wanted to race. Soon after that my dad got me a bike to ride.

What make and size was your first motorcycle? Do you still own it?

It was a 50 Honda, and no we don’t own it anymore we sold it to buy a cobra 50.

What is your favorite track, and what type of surface do you enjoy racing on the most?

I would say my favorite track is square deal and I love racing pea gravel.

Why do you think this type of track serves your style best?

It is the kind of track where you can be really aggressive and just rip around the corners.

Is flat track racing the only form of motorcycle racing you participate in? If so what other type would you consider racing?

I did a little motocross but I would consider all forms of racing if I had the opportunity.

Who did you look up to in your sport? Has there been a rider that has giving you advice through out your career?

I really like #44 Brandon Robinson’s riding style. He is a local rider and I grew up watching him race. I’ve had many pro/expert riders give me advice throughout the years, I couldn’t choose just one.

How many times a week do you race? And what tracks do you race at?

I race usually about once a week. I race at SDR, Shippensburg Speedway, Path valley Speedway, Timonium indoors/outdoors, Delta, Lampeter, York, Trailways, Gratz, Piston Poppers TT, Airport speedway.

I’m sure that you have had one or two races slip through your hands in your young career, what one do you wish you could do over again if any and why?

At DTGC on the tt track at Springfield. I was going around the outside of everybody in turn one, and I stalled the bike while trying to go for the lead. If I got a good finish on that race I would’ve gained enough points to possibly win the National Championship on my 450 Mod.

Brandon what has been your biggest win or championship that you are most proud of?

My biggest win of my career would have to be the Springfield half mile in the 450 open singles class this year when I battled against Hunter Edwards the whole race.

How many hours a week do you and your crew spend on preparing your bike for the next race?

About 10 hours a week.

How is your season going so far? What has been you biggest accomplishment so far this season?

My season is going great so far, I moved up to the A class so its made me a better overall rider. My biggest accomplishment this season would be winning the 250 modified amateur grand national championship.

What rider do you wish you could race against, but haven’t had opportunity to compete against yet?

I would like to race against Henry Wiles at the Peoria tt. I’m looking forward to it when I go expert.

Traveling seems to take up a lot of riders time during the season, how do you cope with the long drives and still stay fresh for the event?

I talk race strategy with my dad and try to get as much rest as possible, so I can be on my game for the races.

Is there any other sport that you enjoy participating in?

I like playing football for a rec sport and I’m going to try out for my high school’s JV football team. I enjoy deer season, so I can hunt with my friends and family.

What advice would you give to a young or new rider trying to make in the sport?

Have fun and if you don’t win the first time never give up.

It seems like everybody has a traing program do you have one? If so what does it consist of? How much riding do you do during the week and off season?

I weight train for 6 hours a week and run for 3 hours also I practice on my dirt bike for 3 days a week.

What are your goals for the 2014 season?

I would like to get an expert win at square deal. I also want to win my race classes at York Fairgrounds.

Where do you see yourself in five years, as far as
Flat track Racing?

I see myself as a top contending expert rider.

Please mention your sponsors and anybody that has helped you throughout your career.

my Dad, Mom, Family, Don’s Kawasaki, Don and Erin Kissinger, Blettner Powersports, F3videos, Thor, Alpinestars, TXR Construction Inc.

I would like to thank for your time, Good luck to you.

Get out to support Brandon at some if the tracks that he rides. He is going to be some one to reckon with soon.

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I’ll see you at the track.

Take care