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For the last few years I have watched this rider get faster and faster. Last weekend at the Lee Thomas Cup Jamison Minor put on a great charge from the second row to finish second. Enjoy this interview with a fast young man.

Name: Jamison Minor
Home town: Barrington NH
Occupation: Bryan’s cycle center

How did you get started in racing, and how old were you when you started? My dad bought me a jr 50 when I was 2, I rode it with training wheels and when I was 6 I wanted to race motocross so that’s when I first started racing.

What make and size was your first motorcycle? Do you still own it?
Suzuki JR 50. No we don’t own it, I wish I could find it I think that would be really cool but we had to sell it so I could get a KTM 50.

What is your favorite track, and what type of surface do you enjoy racing on the most? Square deal is my favorite track. And I like cushion tracks the best.

Why do you think this type of track serves your style best? I like the tracks that are fast and have a lot of different lines to pass and square deal is one of the best tracks for that.

Is flat track racing the only form of motorcycle racing you participate in? If so what other type would you consider racing? I first started doing motocross when I was 6. I started flat track when I was 10, and this year I did my first hare scramble before the season started and it was pretty fun.

Who did you look up to in your sport? Has there been a rider that has giving you advice through out your career? Kenny Coolbeth is my favorite rider and I look up to him the most. He has helped me out a lot through the years. I took his riding school twice and he still gives me advice whenever I need it.

How did you choose your number? Is there any special meaning behind 27u? My first motocross race I wanted to be #7 but another kid had it so my dad put a #2 on cause that’s how old I was when I started riding. So that why I’m #27 and the u is because I’m from New England so that’s our letter.

I‘m sure that you have had one or two races slip through your hands in your young career, what one do you wish you could do over again if any and why? The biggest race was on my cr125 on the half mile in Illinois for amateur nationals. I finished 2nd and lost the championship by 1 point.

Jamison what has been your biggest win or championship that you are most proud of? I’m most proud of the 3rd I got at Springfield this year on the twin. It was the first time I had ever rode the bike and it was my first pro podium.

How many hours a week do you and your crew spend on preparing your bike for the next race? My dad and I are usually in the garage just about every night getting bikes ready for the weekend.

You have had a great season so far, is there one thing, or a combination of things that have helped you with your success this year? Just my confidence is good this year. And also we made changes to my suspension and that is helping out a ton.

What rider do you wish you could race against, but haven’t had opportunity to compete against yet?
I’ve always wanted to race Kenny Coolbeth but I’ve races with him a couple times at square deal and at wachusett valley riders.

Traveling seems to take up a lot of riders time during the season, how do you cope with the long drives and still stay fresh for the event? My dad does most the driving, so I usually sleep.

Is there any other sport that you enjoy participating in? I use to play hockey and lacrosse but when I went to high school I just decided to only race.

What advice would you give to a young or new rider trying to make in the sport? Just have fun.

It seems like everybody has a traing program do you have one? If so what does it consist of? How much riding do you do during the week and off season? During the off season I went to the gym everyday and now during the season I ride my bicycle a couple time a week. As for riding my dirt bikes in the off season I did that hare scramble and during the season I only get to ride on race day.

Jamison can you explain to the fans the difference between the 450’s and the big twins. The speed and how they handle is the biggest difference. The twin is in a custom frame and it just handles a little different from the motocross style 450s.

How hard is it for you as a rider to go from your 450 to the big bike, do you have to change your riding style? If so in what way? It’s actually pretty easy. When I first rode a twin it only took a couple laps and I felt comfortable on it.

What are your goals for the 2014 season? Finish the year top 20 in pro singles points and just have fun.

Where do you see yourself in five years, as far as
Flat track Racing?
Hopefully in the GNC expert class and have a national number and be able to go to all the nationals.

Please mention your sponsors and anybody that has helped you throughout your career.
My mom, dad, Maggie, Keith, Roy miller, Randy and Brenda buzzard, renthal, 100% goggles, factory connection, motion pro, alias gear and the rest of my family and friends.

I would like to thank for your time, and it has been a pleasure watching you ride for the last few years. Good luck to you.


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This past weekend I had the opportunity to go and shoot some indoor ice racing. Speedway on ice was held both Friday and Saturday at First Arena in Elmira, NY.

The event included Quads, Trikes, and the always exciting Speedway Bikes. Indoors is always a challenge to shoot, but even more when the action on the ice is motorized and moving really fast.


I packed my two Fuji cameras and my Canon 7D as well. I had my 70-200 2.8 lens on my canon and 18-55mm on my XE2. I cranked up the ISO on my Fuji to 2000 and started shooting the action from the bench on the ice. I used continuous focus to try and track the bikes as they circled the small track.


The XE2 worked pretty good keeping my subject in focus as I panned with them during the races. It will take some practice to get good at using a mirror less camera for sports, but I think I can do it.

My 7D is a lot easier to use for racing for sure, but I really enjoyed shooting my Fuji. I mounted a speed light using a gorilla pod on the glass next to the bench. I then went to the center of the track and shot the racers as the came out of turn two. At first my timing was off. I was trying to get them when they where next to the flash, but I soon got the hang of it. I like the effect that I got using this method. I use radio triggers to pop the speed-light.


These black n white images are JPEGS straight out of the camera, I also shot RAW as well to make sure I got the shot. The Blk n Wht images are just great out of camera.


I plan on buying a zoom lens from fuji for this summers racing season. I have a adaptor that I can use to put my Canon lenses on my Fuji that works really good, but it’s manual focus. I haven’t had to use manual focus since 1986 with my Minolta X700. I didn’t think the speedway races would be a good place to start practicing using manual focus.


So all n all I was pleased with my XE2. I did get a lot of shots with my 7D as well but that is what I planned on doing anyways. It worked out good using both cameras even though they are totally different animals.


If you have a Fuji or any other mirror less camera don’t be afraid to go out and shoot some action with it, it is fun.

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