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I sat down the other day for a interview with a rider who is a former #1 National Vintage plate holder, Dennis Goyer.

When you are walking around in the back pits at Square Deal Riders you will find a pit space with usually two or three nice looking vintage flat track bikes sporting the no. 611. Goyer’s takes pride in his machines keeping them fresh and good looking, but when he is out on the track turning left it’s all business.

Here is my interview with Dennis enjoy.

Name: Dennis Goyer
Age: 45
Home town: Troy NY

Class and make of bike you ride: Senior A, Vintage Medium. Rotax and Yamaha

When and where did you start racing?
1986 I raced my first car at Lebanon Valley, I was 17. I discovered flattrack racing when I was racing vintage MX which I did for many years. I was at Hurricane Hills MX in southern Pa, I believe it was 2007. The track owner announced at the riders meeting he was running the short track that evening and they had a knobby class, so I entered. I took a 3rd on my 1986 yz490 with no rear brake (it vibrated off). After that, I was hooked on flattrack and resolved myself to building a bike even though I had no idea yet as to how.

What is your favorite surface to race on and track?
I have the most fun on cushion tracks like Square Deal or Wauseon, although Savannah is my favorite track even though it’s clay because of the crazy speed.

Who did you, or even still do look up to in your sport and why?
I know it sounds cliché but I have always looked up to my dad. I grew up with him in the garage. He was always racing something when I was a kid whether it was snowmobiles, stock cars, dirt modifieds, or migets. He taught me what I know about motors, mechanics and fabrication. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have raced anything.

During your racing career what has been your biggest disappointment. Is there a race that got away from you or a championship that you have always wanted to get but just haven’t been able to reach?
My biggest disappointment is that I didn’t discover this sport sooner. I spent years racing cars and the MX bikes. Had I known about flattrack, I would have been doing this all along.

What has been your biggest accomplishment or best memory in your racing carrier?
My best memory is receiving the #1 plate for the Vintage National 500 masters class on the stage in Las Vegas with Joe Bromley. That was really cool.

What is something that you have always wanted to do while racing but haven’t been able to yet?
(Like run in a certain event, ride a certain bike, race against certain people.)
I want to build my own rigid brakeless vintage bike. I have ridden others and thought it was really fun and the bikes are really cool.
What is one piece of advice you would give a young or new rider as they enter this great sport?
Go to a riding school like American Supercamp. I just went there and they showed me what I have been doing wrong.

Please mention your sponsors or people that have helped you throughout your racing season.
PCW racing builds my awesome race motors, I have been helped so much with advice by so many people I have met since I have been involved in this sport, and I couldn’t list them all. The people I have met is one of the biggest reasons I love this sport.

Where can people follow your on social media, or a website that they can follow you though out your season?
I do have a personal facebook account. Everyone should come out to the races and check out this awesome sport for themselves.

Can you explain some of the differences in riding a vintage bike and riding a new style bike. And why you enjoy the vintage bike more.
The difference between a vintage bike and the modern DTX bikes in my opinion is that the vintage bikes are framers. They have such character and I love building them almost as much as I love riding them. They have such a clean, custom style and I just love to look at them. I catch myself just staring at them in the garage sometimes. Vintage racing is also more fun because the bike is a custom one of a kind machine. Its personality can come into play during a race as much as the rider on it. The modern DTX bikes all very advanced, well engineered and also just the same.

Let the fans know what was the best thing you learned at the riding school.
The best thing they taught me was what parts of your body are used to ride a motorcycle. They not only told me, they proved it in instructional drills. They taught me how properly using the lower body is much more important than the arms. It was a tremendously eye opening experience, and I really hope I can put into practice what they taught me this season.