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Yesterday my wife and I traveled west to Rochester, NY to visit the George Eastman House. Most of us know that George Eastman played a huge part in the history of cameras and film. Eastman founded The Eastman Kodak Company. In 1988 George introduced a box camera that was small enough to hand-hold, and was inexpensive to purchase. In 1930 Eastman gave away 500,000 cameras to children in America that were 12 years old. This was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kodak.

The Brownie Box Cameras

The museum was a wonderful experience with all of the old and famous cameras that have captured important images of this country and its important people.

Churchill- Roosevelt- Stalin

Leica say no more

Muscle Beach

George Eastman and friend Thomas Edison working on commercial roll film in Edison’s motion picture camera.

The Eastman house is a beautiful home located in the heart of Rochester, NY. George built this huge house, but was never married or had any children of his own to enjoy it with. His sister and her children lived with him until he took his own life in 1932. Eastman donated his estate to local colleges and schools. He was a very generous and humble man.


Part of his library

Here is a elephant that Eastman shot while on safari. This elephant had only one tusk so George had two tusk made out of wood and he displayed the original tusk down on the floor of his home.


We enjoyed going through the house looking at the way he lived as a very well know person in his day.




I think that this is a great place to visit for anyone that is into photography or just a history buff. This place is amazing, well worth the $12 admission. In October (Space) will be the Gallery exhibition on display. So put this on your To- Do list you will love it.
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