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  Lance Dewease continued his hot streak last night with a big win at Williams Grove, against the always tough World Of Outlaws. Lance behind the wheel of the wheel of the legendary “Baby Blue” 69k. Donny Kreits Racing hired Deweese this year to lead his teams efforts on the PA sprint car scene. 

Saldana,Deweese, Hodnett, and Pittman all won their heat races putting them into the Dash. Another Pa Possie driver Greg Hodnett won the dash ahead of Saldana, and Deweese. Former two time Outlaw Champion Sammy Swindell made the trip the Pennsylvania to take on the Possie in his black no. 1. Swindell put himself into the 25 lap main by finishing second behind Outlaw Driver Brad Sweet in the B- Main.

 Deweese started the A main from out side of row three. Lance had some heavy hitters ahead of him. Like Lincoln Speedway winner Donny Schatz, and always tough Joey Saldana. Six laps into the main Deweese put the 69K in the lead ahead of Hodnett, never to look back. Pittman, and Schatz battled behind the two Pa regulars for the 3rd and 4th spot. With 10 to go Schatz made the pass on Pittman for third place. 

Deweese pulled out to over a 2 second lead at one point in the race. Hodnett tried to reel him in, but came up short when the checkeres flag flew. 

1. Deweese 2- Hodnett-Schatz-Pittman-Dietrich-Saldana-Esh-Stewart-Smith-Shutts.

I will see you at Weedsport.

Brad Sweet won his first race in Pennsylvania, against a stout field of WOO cars, as well as the always strong PA Posse. Port Royal hosted the World of Outlaws for their final 2015 appearance in the Keystone state.  

 After the National Open at Williams Grove a few weeks back, the traveling series made a stop at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park during Super Dirt Week. They then traveled west to Lawenceburg Indiana for a night, before coming back east for a couple of stops.

Their first stop was at”The Speed Palace”, on Saturday and then up to the newly revamped Weedsport Speedway on Sunday night. Donny Shatz locked up his Seventh Woo championship a few weeks back, but is still trying to add to his impressive 31 feature wins this season. PA is a tough place to win because of the strong field of “Posse” at every track. 


                         7 Time World Of Outlaws Champion Donny Schatz

 Myself and a couple of friends made the trip south Saturday morning to Port Royal for  much needed 410 Sprint Car Action. Earlier in the week a freind of mine Frankie Cottrell, invited me to ride with him to Port Royal. I was debating on going to Weedsport for their big weekend of racing, or heading down to the 54th running of the “Eastern States” at Orange County Speedway.  By Thursday I knew I wanted to go to Port Royal. I let Frankie know that I was going with him on Saturday. Friday I ran into long time freind Bill Bradshaw. I asked Bill if he would like to go with us in the morning? Bill being a former ESS Driver, doesn’t turn down too many sprint car shows. It was set 11:00am, and the three of us headed out. 

We met up with one Of Frankie’s co workers at A-Verdi Storage, in Savannah, NY. The four of us had huge smiles on our faces all night. We all agreed that we are blessed with a lot of race tracks in NY, but still travel 3.5 hours to go see a sprint car race. It is true if you have never been to PA for a 410 Sprunt Car race you do not know what you are missing.  

During the day on Saturday the weather man was calling for rain showers around 9:00pm. Port Royal did a great job moving the show along for the fans. I am sure it was a little crazy for some of the teams, but the fans showed up to see a show, and that is what they got. With over 40 sprint cars in the pit area, and a full field of Mid- Atlantic Modifieds, we knew it was going to be a great night of racing. 

The track was perfect for time trials. Donny Schatz set fast time with a blistering lap on the 1/2 mile clay oval. Schatz beat out Daryn Pittmans 16.327 lap with a quick time of 16.199, averaging around 110 mph. Shane Sterwert, Brad Sweet, Lucas Wolfe, and Logann Schuchart won their respective  heat races putting them into the nights A main.

Lucas Wolfe showed his competitors in the dash that he was going to be a threat in the main. Shane Stewert, Dietrich, Sweet, and Greg Hodnett rounded out the top five.  In between sprint car races the Modifiedds ran their heat races, setting up their main event that would be run later in the night. NASCAR driver David Stremme was on hand racing one of his own chassis for their first appearance at Port Royal Speedway. 

         Stremme wheeling his Lethal Chassis Modified around the fast 1/2 mile

A few sprinkles started to fall on us before the mains made it to the track. Soon after we heard the pit Steward calling for the A-main cars to get onto the track for their race. We moved from turn one to turn three for the start of the sprint car feature.Most tracks in PA allow their fans to go into the infield for the same price to watch nights event.  This is AWESOME, I wish the NY tracks would do the same. 


It was show time. Wolfe and Stewert brought the field to the green with a lot of fast cars behind them. After only one lap the caution flag flew for a car that spun out. On the restart Wolfe lead Stewart into turn one with Brent Marks all the way up to third. Marks passed about five cars at the start of the race. Sweet, and Pittman made their way around Marks real fast, setting their sites on the leaders. Only after ten laps Wolfe found himself fighting his way through traffic. Brad Sweet worked the traffic to his advantage moving him self past the  #2 Stewart for the second spot. 


Wolfe, Sweet, Pittman worked hard to get past some of the back markers. Just about 1/2 way through the 30 lap main, Sweet put a move on Wolfe in traffic to take over the top spot in turn one. Lucas could not stop either Sweet or Pittman from going by his Famous Zemco Racing #1, moving him back to the 3rd spot. All eyes were on the top three, but you know fans scanned the field to see where the WOO champion was. Schatz was up to the fourth spot looking to get to the front. 

By now Pittman was on Sweets rear bumper. With ten to go, the fans erupted when Pittman took advantage of a mistake by Sweet to take the lead. Pittman looked to pull his Kasey Kahn owned Great clips car out on Sweet and Schatz. Schatz was on the move with less then eight laps to go. 



A late race caution flew bunching the field back up with only a few laps left. Daryn Pittman chose the bottom for the restart, putting Sweet on the high side, with Schatz and Dietrich close behind. The field fired coming out of four, making  most of the fans rise to their feet. Pittman held off Sweet through turns one and two. Schatz was looking to make a move for second. Brad Sweet made a bold move to the outside of Pittman going into turn three. The move worked as Sweet grabbed the lead again for the final laps to win his first race in Pennsylvania. 

                            Sweet On the high side of Pittman for the lead 
Pittman said in his post race interview that he was disappointed with his second place finish. Daryn stated that he thought he had the edge on Brad when Sweet moved to the high side.  He said he didn’t think Sweet could make it stick up there, but he did. Port Royal ran this entire event in less than 3hrs. That is AWSOME. I would like to thank the promoters and all of their staff for making our trip to PA worth the drive. 

If you have not been to a race in PA, please put it on your calendar for next year, you will not be disappointed. Check out all of my images from Port Royal at my web site John Zachary Photography

I will see you at the track

Take care, 


Labor Day weekend means the end of summer here in Central, NY. It also means dirt racing is fast and furious in the area. This year it all started on Saturday night at a Thunder Mountain Speedway in Center Lisle, NY. 

The Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints headlined the show with a 25 lap main event, along with the CRSA 305 Sprints, open Sportsman, 692 Soortsman, Rookie Sportsman, Empore Lighting Sprints, SRP Sprints, Street Stocks,Xcell 600 Modifieds, and the always popular Modifieds. 

Yes all of this for $20 on a Saturday night. 177 cars, 10 features were on the bill for the night atop the Mountain. The stands were packed for a full programs of dirt racing. Only the ESS and CRSA classes ran heat races during the program. The rest of the classes ran just a feature race making it a great show for the fans. 

I wasn’t shooting this event, so the images below are ESS cars from a event at Rolling Wheels Raceway a few weeks ago

All of the races were great, but the ESS main event was awesome. Eventual winner Curt Michael fought his way to the front from the 10th starting spot. Early leader Chuck Hebing, Robbie Stillwagon and defending series champion Steve Poirier battled wheel to wheel for most of the 25 laps. Lap traffic was thick on the small dirtoval, making it hard for the leaders to get out on the guy behind him. Michael made a pass for the lead on the outside of Hebing late in the race, but the caution flew and they reverted back to the last lap putting Curt back in the second spot. ESS does side by side restarts up till one or two laps to go. This means Hebing had his choice of starting inside or outside on the restart. Chuck choose the outside, putting Michael on the inside. Michael had been running the top most of the night, so this would be interesting to see if he could make the car work on the bottom. As the field mashed the gas coming out of turn four, Hebing pulled out a small lead going into turn one on Miichael. Chuck drove it deep into the first turn with Curt right next to him on the bottom. The two made slight contact, giving Michael the advantage coming out of two. That was just enough to get out on the top five and take the win over a stellar field of cars. Stillwagon tried to get around Hebing on the last lap, but came up a bit short, to finish third. 

I haven’t had the chance to see ESS in a few years, but I must say they put on a great show, with top notch Cars and Drivers. 

Next up for the weekend was the Lucas Oil ESS at Utica Rome Raceway. We planned on going to see Steve Miller at the New York State Fair Sunday night, but with the high temps we decided to travel east to watch some more Sprint car racing. Again I didn’t shoot this race, so I will use a few pictures from a race a few weeks ago at Utica Rome and Rolling Wheels. 

Stewert Friesen above was on hand in both the Sprint cars and Stampede Steakhouse Modifieds. Mike Mahaney, Larry Wight, and Danny Varin also pulled double duty Sunday night at Utica Rome. 38 sprint cars were on hand for the nights Lucas Oil ESS show. Four heats, Dash for cash and a B main were in the docket for the sprint cars. 

The track was dry slick from the hot weather and full sunshine beating on the track. This made it tricky for the competitors in all classes, but just a touch more for the super fast light weight sprint cars. During the heat races the middle of the track was pretty slick, but the inside and top had a decent amount of bite for the 360 cars to get a hold of. The top four in the heats went to the redraw, to set up the starting g grid for the A-main. The dash and B-Main would fill out the rest of the 25 car field.

By the time the ESS drivers pulled out onto the track, the bottom groove had been diminished to a 12-14inch piece of tacky dirt. The top had been blown off, making it a very thin line to run for 25 laps. One slip on the top could end up being a costly mistake. At the drop of the green the fast guys from the heat races set off on their quest to find some traction to help them get to the front. Early leader #33 Mike Mahaney pulled out to a decent lead on second place#51 Bryan Howland. Mike was on the bottom scratching for that little bit of relastate next to the tires. Local favorite #1 Stewert Friesen, (behind the Wherl of his wife’s 360 sprint car) was searching high and low for traction. Friesen ran the top to get around cars on the bottom line, and sneak under the guys running the middle of the track. By the time Stewert made it to the second spot leader Mahaney was deep in lap traffic. Mahaney is new in the sprint cars. Doug Emery put Mike behind the wheel of his we’ll know #33 car for the weekend. Friesen was on the bottom so far when he came out if turn four the car would get bite and move hard toward the outside wall on the front stretch. 

Friesen made his way to the back bumper of Mahaney, in lap traffic. He worked in Mike for a few laps on the bottom. Finally Mike slipped up a touch and Stewert drove by him down the back stretch. Mahaney tried to stay close to Friesen, but Stewart was to strong out front in clean air. Saturday nights winner at Thunder Mountain Curt Michael worked his way up to the third spot behind Mahaney at the end of 25 laps. Michael said he was happy with his weekends results, because he wasn’t used to the slick tracks in NY. Curt is used to running on the high bite tracks in PA.. Brian Howland, and Larry Wight, rounded out the top five.  

It was a great weekend of sprint car racing in Central, NY. We had a great time at these tracks, and look forward to seeing the Empire Super Sprints in the near future. I you get a chance to see this show, do it it is worth every penny. Visit Empire Super Sprints for their full schedule. 

I hope to see you at the track

Take Care