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Last weekend the Seven Valley Street Rods Club of Cortland, NY held their 21st annual car show. This show seems to get bigger and better every year. This year was no different with over 200 entries on the ball field for a great day of Hot Rodding.


The participants started rolling into the show around eight o’clock in the morning from all over the New York area. Each participant had their own stories to go along with the Shiny Paint and Big Engines that give their vehicle’s character.

Above is Joe Nauseef’s old fire truck that he drove from McGraw to the show. Joe also provided the Music and MC work for the days festivities.

Weather this year was perfect with a little cloud cover and temps in the 80’s. Seven Valley club members did a great job cooking and serving food offering cold drinks and hot food to fill the bellies of all the spectators that walked threw the gate.


Quality cars and trucks is what this show brings each year from the oldest hot rods to the modern day muscle cars. Anybody can enter their Pride and Joy no matter what it is and enjoy a few laughs with some of their friends. I remember as a kid going to cars shows all over the east coast during the summer and in the winter for the indoor shows. These were good memories as a youngster, seeing all of these cool cars that people built with their heart and soul.


It was good to see some young people at the show showing off their rides. I hope more of our youth will get involved in these car clubs around the east coast. It is just a great way to meet life long friends, while having good clean fun.


Next up for cars shows in the Central NY area is the Annual Labor Day weekend show at Fillmore State Park in Moravia, NY. The Fillmore show is a big show along with a wonderful Swap Meet as well. Come check it out you won’t be disappointed.


Check out my car show pictures from past shows on my web site.John Zachary Photography



The Reunion

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Photography
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Last Sunday I traveled to Popular Ridge, NY to shoot a family reunion. I was hired to shoot for about four hours taking some candid shots as well as some group shots of the family

This was my first paid shoot with out two DSLR’S in my camera bag. I sold my Canon 50d two weeks ago and bought a Fugi X-E1 with the 18-55mm lens. I brought both my 7D and X-E1 with me to the Reunion. When I arrived it was raining pretty hard outside, so I was thinking it was going to be a indoor shoot. I was fine with that because the fugi is great at high ISO’s. Soon after I arrived the sun started to peak out of the clouds and it became a beautiful sunny day. We moved everything out side and began the festivities.

My friends house is a old house with multiple barns and corn fields surrounding his property. I spent the first two hours shooting candids of the family as they rolled in and captured the moments of them greeting each other. I had the Fugi I’m my hand grabbing some nice shots in Apeture Priority mode. For the money shots I would grab my 7D to make sure I had the images that they would want.

As the day was winding down and we captured all of the group shots I got to walk around his property and snap some shots of things that I love to shoot. Like old cars, trucks, barns and anything cool looking.


The image above is a shot if a old truck that was out behind the barn. It was a 51 Ford. This truck was a plumbers truck with a homemade service body on the back.


My Fugi worked great for all of the shots, I still doubled shots with my Canon 7D just incase, but the X-E1 work really good. On my drive back home I turned down the wrong road. As I was finding my way back to Rt 34b I found a few nice shots of some local buildings and farms that I will add to my collection.


So my second gig with the Fugi went well and I love the camera more each time I use it. This weekend I am heading to Maple Grove raceway to shoot some vintage Drag racing at the Geezer Reunion. Come on back next week to see how the Fugi held-up to the tire smoking, nitro burning funny cars in PA.